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A learning and knowledge exchange community to develop future-ready young people across Asia-Pacific through 21st-century skills.  

Empowering volunteers for a decade of change

The Movers Programme is a regional movement of volunteers who develop SDGs awareness, entrepreneurial mindsets and 21st-century skills by conducting localized training at a grassroots level. The Movers Programme uses a training-of-trainer approach and works with community partners to target harder-to-reach groups and support Youth Co:Lab’s objective to leave no youth behind.


Join our community by following the 2 steps below: 

71 million young people are estimated to be unemployed, and half of them reside in the Asia-Pacific region. Youth in the region are 5 to 7 times more likely to be unemployed than their older counterparts at the same level of education, according to research by the UNDP.  An astonishing 1/3 of youth in the region - around 220 million - are neither in school nor have a job. 

Structural unemployment and skills mismatch affect all regions around the world, impacting economies and hampering the transition to equitable and inclusive societies as envisaged in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Voices of the Movers Community

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Abdul Muhimin Bin Faruk, Bangladesh

Chakriya Hon, Cambodia.

Maria Pellosis, Philippines.

Young people must take action in reshaping today’s world as they are going to face all the consequences of the actions taken in present days. Today's world consists of more than two billion youth but their voices are often neglected. Joining the Movers Programme provided me with a platform that engage, encourage, and support young people to raise their voices, participate in collective actions, and work for a better tomorrow. Joining the Movers Programme made my voice heard!

Being a Mover helps me to become an empowered youth who can serve my fellow youths and my country. My journey with the Mover Programme started by deeply understanding the concepts of the Sustainable Development Goals & Social Entrepreneurship and then by being inspired by youth in the region to take action in my country. The Movers Programme provides me with the opportunity to learn, grow and challenge myself with their warm support in all circumstances. Honestly, I am so proud of being a part of this awesome program. I strongly believe you will get the best experience and never regret being a Mover! Let’s join the movement together

"Being a part of the Movers Programme helped me become a more humane and better human, which led me to optimize my potentials, and understand how I can utilize them for the greater good of mankind. Most importantly, as a Mover, I learned that any seed has the potential to grow into a strong tree if given a safe, supportive, and positive environment to live in, and that, for me, is one of the keys to a better world by 2030"

Join our community by following the 2 steps below: 

Zawad Alam is one of our first believers and the first Movers Envoy! Having facilitated 51 Movers Workshops on every topic to date, he has reached 2,000 youth across Asia-Pacific. 

As a Movers Envoy, he has mentored more than 20 Aspiring Movers to become facilitators, and has been pivotal in building the Movers Community in the region. 


Zawad has run series of Movers Workshops across the region and his latest, called “Green Mile”, in partnership with the youth-led organization Project WE that he co-founded and YECAP, is a grassroots campaign in Bangladesh combining climate workshops with tree planting activities, beach cleanups, clothes swap, content creation and much more!


Below, you will find his journey from Explorer to Movers Envoy.

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The Story of Zawad Alam,
from Explorer to Movers Envoy

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For more Information, CHECK THIS DOCUMENT

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